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Emporio Orenga was a shop in a small town, Rivello, in southern Italy.
Founded in the early 50s by the lucan entrepreneur Nicola Orenga, Emporio Orenga became immediately a unifying element of an entire community.
When Italy was projected at high speed towards the conquest of the welfare, at the dawn of a period characterized by a growing consumerism, Nicola cultivated his business with passion, ethics and vision.
Emporio Orenga was reborn in 2012, first as an art gallery then as an architectural firm, making Nicola's lesson its own engine.
A shop, a small school, an ethical path in search of the essence of space and form.

[   PASSION   ]

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer” – said once Harriet Tubman. So we met once, 5 dreamers. That is how Emporio Orenga was re-created. We are a studio with a great passion for beauty, harmony and the world of architecture and design. And our passion is our strength.

[    ETHICS    ]

There is a whole world behind every project, with thousands of details to think about, with hundreds of people involved. We develop our projects from the very beginning till the final detail, we follow each project on every stage. Side by side we work with professionals who help us to make our ideas come true. We appreciate these collaborations and we get inspired by them.

[    VISION    ]

We admire the world around us and we see the possibility to create in every moment. We learn from nature and from history, we travel and we get inspired by the differences in cultures. We see architecture and design as a unique way to communicate with the world around us and to make it even better than it is..

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